Step 3: Rebuild Your Credit

For most people, Clearing your Credit May NOT be Enough. If you've subscribed to the credit clearing programs then you know your old, negative items are being removed from your credit report.  You should replace them with new accounts as this will raise your credit scores even higher.

The SAFEST way to do this is by using SECURED accounts.  This way you are not in debt, you're simply doing what you've already been doing (spending money), except that you'll finally get credit for what you spend.

Here are some options:

Compare Secured Cards from Several National Lenders.

View/Print/Save the Application  or visit the Bank's Website

View/Print/Save the Application       or visit the Bank's Website

A Small application fee gurantees NO ONE IS TURNED DOWN and you can build your credit twice as fast with BOTH a Visa & Mastercard on the same application.

View/Print the Application & Terms     or visit the Bank's Website

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